This is a "historic home page" - an archive of our previous products and some of our commissions. Objects in concrete are not produced. Please visit for current products!



Concrete Design

We have created artefacts and objects in fair faced concrete since 1984. Our specialities are one off's and small series. We are project oriented and offer all services integrated from idea to manufacturing.


Concrete Products
We have completed challenging commisions for conscious customers since 1984. Some of the objects can be found in the "Collection". Please contact us for product leaflet.

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Rosendals Trädgård 1997 - "Konkret Form" - exhibition on the theme "Compact and Transparent" with Daniel Wetter. Objects of concrete and paper were exhibited in one of the greenhouses of Rosendal Garden.


Ulriksdals Flower Show 2004 - "Concrete Samples" - Show garden with Daniel Wetter, Emma Pettersson and Anna Åkerberg.


We are project-oriented and offer services within a concept-to-completion environment.

Every project that we undertake is carefully tailored to our customers' specific needs. While some clients contract us to perform work all the way from concept to production, others utilize just a portion of the services that we offer. In addition to design, fabrication and installation, we are able to help customers with many aspects of their project - including estimating, planning and management.

We have long experience in performing all types of conceptual design. We perform most concept work in 3D CAD, which gives our customers strong technical foundations for their projects.

We have successfully carried out demanding projects since 1984. Beyond in-house expertise we have a wide network of partners for special tooling or extended fabrication.

Product development We offer design advise when developing new products. From early concept to finished prototype. We also offer small series production. We have been appointed to develop concrete tabletops, to develop a "concrete carpet" as well as developing a production method for a concrete table.

Replicas Production of a new form and a number of replicas of a 19-century marble urn.

Display Signs Concrete characters with a height of 1.3 meter.

Arched retaining wall and staircase The retaining wall includes 3 radiuses, is 4 meter high, 36 meter long and contains 150 tonnes of concrete.

In Situ
Concrete staircase Traditional concrete casting utilising only manpower due to access restrictions.

Concrete bar Polished black concrete. Two pieces, each 4 000 kg and 6,6 x 0,4 x 0,9 meter. The bar contains cooling pipes. The casting was done on site and the pieces were lifted, rotated and moved in exact position.


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